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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Postcard from Gaza (2:58) South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has accused Israel of practising apartheid in its policies towards the Palestinians. The Nobel peace laureate said he was "very deeply distressed" by a visit to the Holy Land, adding that "it reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa". The Israeli military, meanwhile, began withdrawing from the West Bank town of Hebron today, a day after troops entered the Palestinian city, killing nine Palestinians and...
Keywords: death penalty; elections; environment; israel; military; pakistan; palestine; pentagon; south africa
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, February 14, 2002
Enron "Whistleblower" Before Congress Kata Mester reports from Capital Hill on the testimony of Sharon Watkins before the House of Representitives Milosevic: Clinton?s the War Criminal The Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has hit back at his accusers, on the third day of his trial at the UN war crimes tribunal at The Hague. He told the court Nato justified its 1999 conflict with Yugoslavia with an "ocean of lies"...
Keywords: NATO; afghanistan; bush; death penalty; elections; military; rebellion; scotus; whistleblower
Downloads: 4,093
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, January 30, 2002
State of the Union, State of War President George W Bush's first State of the Union speech has prompted angry reactions from those singled out as "sponsors of terror" - particularly Iran and Iraq who, along with North Korea, were described as an "axis of evil".Iran's Foreign Minister said: "With these arrogant remarks, the American Government unmasks its true face and proves its desire to spread its hegemony through the entire world."But the Congress' leading Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom ...
Keywords: 9-11; NSA; afghanistan; bush; detainees; environment; federal government; immigration; iran; iraq; islam; korea; military; rights; state of the union; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, February 20, 2002
Bush: "No Wonder I Think They?re Evil" President Bush toured the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea today. He reiterated his belief that North Korea is evil but said the United States has no intentions to invade the nation. However, he also said North Korea must demonstrate it does not intend to threaten its southern neighbor or as the US will honor its commitment to defend South Korea...
Keywords: afghanistan; bush; death penalty; elections; immigration; islam; korea; scotus
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, January 16, 2002
THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION: OIL, GAS, AND ENRON 4:14 How influential was the Texas based- energy trading giant, ENRON, in the White House? As the Department of Justice and members of Congress investigate ENRON?s collapse, critics are scrutinizing the relationships other big energy companies have with the Bush Administration?Kata Mester has more in Washington:: HOW SOUTHER SUDANESE FEEL ABOUT THE U-S BOMBING KARTHOUM 3:04 Despite a stated ceasefite brokered between the Sudanese government and rebel ...
Keywords: 9-11; bush; china; death penalty; india; israel; military; oil; pakistan; palestine; rebellion; scotus; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, April 16, 2002
Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, April 16, 2002Free Speech Radio NewsTuesday, April 16, 2002Download MP3 file of newscast (13Megabytes) Israeli military officials confirmed today that they have reopened a desert dentention camp to hold some of the 1000?s of Palestinians rounded up during the past weeks West Bank Sweeps. The camp held about 1000 palestinians from 1987 to 1993 and was clsed in 1996...
Keywords: 9-11; bush; hamas; israel; military; nuclear weapons; oil; palestine; protest; rights; south africa; suicide
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, August 29, 2002
Environmental Groups Sue US Government The United States has received much criticism at the UN Earth Summit underway in Johannesburg. Today US Congressman Dennis Kucinich lay into the Bush Administration for their environmental policies and, in a surprising move, Greenpeace yesterday joined forces with the corporate lobby to attack the United States for ditching the Kyoto Protocol on climate change...
Keywords: UN; afghanistan; bush; environment; greenpeace; islam; israel; nigeria; palestine; rights
Downloads: 1,853
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, June 24, 2002
President Bush Addresses the Nation(0:55) Earlier today, President Bush addressed the nation.He laid out his peace plan for two separate states to bring peace to the Middle East.Notably Bush referred to the actions of Israel as an occupation.Yet he went on to demand that Palestinians act first to end violence in the region. New Incursions by the IDF(4:05) Two Israeli helicopters killed six Palestinians in a missile strike in the southern Gaza Strip today...
Keywords: EU; algeria; bush; california; domestic violence; immigration; israel; military; palestine; suicide
Downloads: 1,812
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, October 16, 2002
Bush Signs Authorization Bill President Bush signed the "Authorization for the use of Military Force Against Iraq" today, the culmination of what some critics found to be a less than great debate in the United States Congress on the use of force. Although the United States has shown some willingness to proceed with the United Nations, many observers now see war as imminent. Gareth Schweitzer reports from Washington...
Keywords: UN; bush; elections; iraq; military; saddam hussein; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, November 08, 2001
US BOMBING CONTINUES3:36 US War-planes continue their intensive bombing in the North of Afghanistan today in an effort to force the Taliban out of the key city Mazar-e-Shareef. This, as the Taliban say the airstrikes are having little effect on their forces, but continue to scores of civilians. Meanwhile, calls continue to come from Muslim leaders for a healt to the US bombing. Jeremy Scahill reports...
Keywords: 9-11; afghanistan; bush; democratic party; immigration; islam; lebanon; palestine
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, December 26, 2001
INDIA MOVES MISSILES TO THE BORDER (2:46) Nuclear powers India and Pakistan are raising the stakes in their war of words. Shots were sent across the shared border yesterday. Now both sides are massing troops. India says it has pointed its guided missiles toward Pakistan, and Pakistan has also reportedly moved its medium range missiles closer to the border. Meanwhile, peace groups in both countries have called for an immediate end to war-mongering and concrete steps to defuse tension...
Keywords: afghanistan; bush; india; iran; nuclear power; pakistan; south africa; unions; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, January 18, 2002
?The Afghan Situation We spoke to Pratap Chaterjee in Mazar e Sharif about the situation on the ground there, how Afghans feel about the US and the need for aid. ?Powell in India Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is very encouraged that war can be averted between India and Pakistan after his latest visit to the region en route to Tokyo for a donors meet on devastated Afghanistan. For the first time since the crisis erupted between the two nuclear rivals, India raised the possibility of a r...
Keywords: afghanistan; courage; india; iran; kennedy; pakistan; unions
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, December 09, 2004
CIA Agent Sues Feds A CIA agent is suing the federal government saying he was targeted for retaliation after refusing to write disinformation about Iraq?s weapons program. Victoria Hood reports from D.C. Same-sex Marriage in Canada Same-sex marriage in Canada is one step closer to full legal recognition nationwide. From CKLN, Kristin Schwartz has more. Hashing Out Kyoto Protocol Global environmentalists and leaders of industry are stating their case to international leaders in the lead up to the...
Keywords: EU; afghanistan; argentina; brazil; detainees; disease; elections; environment; federal government; halliburton; india; iraq; islam; japan; kellogg; mexico; military; pakistan; pentagon
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, January 07, 2002
OMAR EVADES CAPTURE (2:26) Taliban leader Mollah Omar has slipped through the net of the interim government's troops who hoped to capture him this weekend.Additionally, Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts are a mystery.But fighting continues in eastern Afghanistan, as does the build-up of foreign troops.Tony Cross tells us more. BUSH VISITS PORTLAND (3:28) Over the weekend in Portland, Oregonians wanted to let President Bush know they were not happy with some of his policies, but they were not invited...
Keywords: 9-11; afghanistan; bush; california; india; military; pakistan; protest; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, October 08, 2001
DAY TWO OF US BOMBING OF AFGHANISTAN 4:14 Jeremy Scahill reports. US TELLS UN IT WILL BOMB OTHER COUNTRIES Susan Wood reports from the UN NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS MARCH AGAINST WAR IN NYC Kata Mester reports from New York KASHMIRI MILITANTS ANGRY AT US ATTACKS Sputnik Kilambi reports from Shriniggar. 14,000 MARCH AGAINST US BOMBING IN EGYPT Steve Negus reports from Cairo. TURKISH ANTI-WAR DEMO CANCELLED AFTER 1,000 POLICE TURN OUT James Smoot reports from Istanbul...
Keywords: afghanistan; france
Downloads: 1,517
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, July 12, 2004
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and center-left opposition leader Shimon Peres have agreed to team up in promoting a unilateral plan to withdraw from the occupied Gaza Strip. Laila El-Haddad reports from Gaza City. At the United Nations, the Palestinian ambassador formally criticized the wall being built by the Israeli goverment and condemned by the International Criminal Court. Haider Rizvi has more from the U.N...
Keywords: UN; al-qaeda; argentina; bush; california; elections; iraq; israel; john kerry; mexico; oil; palestine; tom delay; washington
Downloads: 1,502
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, January 22, 2004
Roe v Wade Turns 31(4:00) Today is the 31st anniversary of the legalization of abortion by the United States Supreme Court in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. Roe recognized that the right to make childbearing choices is central to a woman?s life and her ability to participate fully and equally in society. Before Roe between 5,000 and 10,000 women died per year following illegal abortions and many more suffered severe injuries...
Keywords: bush; elections; rebellion; rights; scotus; state of the union
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, March 24, 2005
The U.S. Supreme Court announced they are rejecting the Terry Schaivo case. This is the fifth and likely the last time the issue can go before the high court.A Florida state court rejected a bid to reinsert her feeding tubelater in the day and a request by the states? governor Jeb Bush and the Department of Children and Families to take control of Terry Schaivo. U.S. government officials kept quiet about several hundred tons of genetically modified corn that was mistakenly distributed to U.S...
Keywords: UN; argentina; brazil; bush; california; elections; highschool; military; nigeria; protest; rights; rumsfeld; scotus; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, January 04, 2002
US Bombs Villiage as Hunt for Omar Continues (1:02) The United Nations has weighed in on the weekend bombing of a small villiage in Eastern Afghanistan. The Pentagon claims, B-52 bombers hit Taliban targets, but the United Nations disagreed saying the 53 Afghans killed were civilians. The U.N. criticism came amid a growing number of calls by Afghan leaders for the United States to limit its aerial attacks if it cannot prevent harm to civilians...
Keywords: 9-11; EU; NSA; UN; afghanistan; al-qaeda; china; islam; military; nuclear weapons; oil; pentagon; washington; wtc
Downloads: 1,312
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, September 20, 2002
Bush To Bomb Iraq- Without Support (4:09) President Bush announced today he plans to go ahead with his war against Iraq with or without support from the United Nations. The announcement comes as George Bush releases the National Security Strategy of the United States of Americawhich formally links his war on terrorism with global capitalism and calls for a policy of pre-emptive war around the world...
Keywords: NATO; UN; attorney general; bush; capitalism; chemical weapons; elections; iraq; korea; saddam hussein
Downloads: 1,310
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, January 20, 2003
Iraq's Warheads Questioned Iraq today promised more cooperation with UN weapons inspectors, agreeing to allow private interviews with Iraqi scientists and to enact laws banning weapons of mass destruction. The move comes as the UN's chief Inspectors wrap up a two-day visit to Baghdad, described as a last-ditch effort to avoid war.The U.S. is stepping up military preparations ahead of the inspectors' report to the security council next week on Iraq's compliance with disarmament demands...
Keywords: UN; afghanistan; birthday; california; federal government; immigration; india; iraq; islam; military; nuclear weapons; pakistan; protest; russia; washington
Downloads: 1,236
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, December 27, 2002
New Dawn for Kenya (3:18) In what many are calling the beginning of a new era, Kenyans went to the polls today to elect a new leader.President Daniel arap Moi is stepping down after 39 years of what human rights activists call dictatorial rule.Uhuru Kenyatta is the handpicked successor of Moi, and the son of Kenya's founding president, Jomo Kenyatta. The only real opposition to Kenyatta is 71-year-old Mwai Kibaki...
Keywords: NATO; NSA; environment; ethnic; rights
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, December 28, 2005
PRISON UPRISING IN BRAZIL A prison uprising is now in its third day in the Brazilian city of Porto Velho . A group of prisoners took control of the Urso Branco facility on Christmas during visiting hours and continue to hold approximately 200 hostages, mostly prisoners' relatives. They are demanding the return of Ednildo Paula Souza, an inmate who was transferred from the prison last week, after his recapture following a successful jailbreak earlier this month...
Keywords: EU; UN; argentina; brazil; bush; christmas; detainees; elections; environment; india; iraq; islam; pakistan; riots; washington
Downloads: 1,192
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, August 19, 2002
15,000 March in DC to Demand Reparations (4:25) This past Saturday over 15,000 people rallied on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC in the first ever Millions For Reparations March. Politicians, spiritual leaders, lawyers and grassroots activists joined together to demand the American government and corporations that profited from slavery recognize they are guilty of a crime against humanity and repent by paying reparations to African Americans...
Keywords: 9-11; bush; communism; islam; israel; military; palestine; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, July 29, 2002
Interview with Hans Von Sponeck(3:03) The Senate Foreign Relations committee will hold hearings beginning Wednesday on a potential US war against Iraq. The hearings are being billed as a fact-finding investigation, but the list of announced speakers includes no voices opposed to US military action. Today, anti-war groups across the country participated in a national call-in day aimed at pressuring the committee to call experts who say that there is no justification for a US attack on Iraq...
Keywords: bush; elections; greenpeace; india; iran; iraq; islam; kennedy; mexico; military; pakistan
Downloads: 1,164
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, April 19, 2004
Spain, a major coalition member in the Bush orchestrated occupation of Iraq, has announced they are packing up and leaving the Middle Eastern nation. David Oancia reports from Madrid. The ACLU argues for same gendered marriage in Oregon. Andy Seaton reports from KBOO, in Portland. Tampa City police officers arrested 3 more people who were trying to serve free meals to the homeless without a permit...
Keywords: EU; bush; death penalty; hamas; iraq; israel; military; oil; palestine; saddam hussein; scotus; south africa
Downloads: 1,153
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, July 01, 2005
Mexico's President Vicente Fox broke his silence over newspaper workers who are trapped in their offices in Oaxaca, Mexico.Fox received pressure from international human rights groups to intervene in the blockade of newspaper staff held by pro-government activists.Noticias is one of the few newspapers to report on government corruption.Fox told the governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, to resolve the situation and added that not allowing them to publish is a violation of their freedom of speech...
Keywords: UN; bush; detainees; disease; elections; environment; epidemic; india; iraq; islam; mexico; nigeria; nuclear weapons; rights; scotus; torture; washington
Downloads: 1,152
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, June 27, 2002
Voucher Victory(2:21) The United States Supreme Court handed fans of school vouchers a major victory today. The Court held that public money can be used toward tuition at religious schools. Advocates for separation of church and state call the Court's decision its worst in fifty years. The Bush Administration favors vouchers for private and religious schools. But critics of today's ruling call it a step toward privatizing important functions of government...
Keywords: bush; china; rights; russia; scotus; unions; washington
Downloads: 1,150
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, January 31, 2003
Snow Confirmed as Treasury Secretary (3:01) On the heels of yesterday's approval by the Republican controlled Senate Judicial Committee of conservative judicial nominee to the Appeals Court, Miguel Astrada, the Bush Administration moved further to the right today as President Bush's new Secretary of the Treasury won confirmation. John Snow, former railroad executive,replaces former secretary Paul O'Neil who resigned in December 2002...
Keywords: 9-11; bush; hijack; india; iran; kennedy; korea; military; south africa; visas; washington
Downloads: 1,133
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, February 21, 2006
SUSPECTED WAR CRIMINAL EXTRADITED TO THE HAGUE A Bosnian Serb accused of leading a paramilitary group that killed dozens of Muslims during the Bosnian war has arrived from Argentina at the U.N. war crimes tribunal in the Hague. Zoran Culafic reports from Belgrade. Bosnian Serb, Milan Lukic, has been transferred today to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague. Lukic was arrested last year in Argentina after almost seven years on the run and is now facing severa...
Keywords: EU; NATO; argentina; bush; california; death penalty; elections; environment; france; india; islam; israel; military; oil; palestine; rights; riots; scotus; state of the union; washington
Downloads: 1,133
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, January 20, 2005
Bush Inaugurated Today Costing nearly $40 million dollars, today is the most expensive Presidential inauguration in the nation?s history, and comes at a time when the U.S. Is facing the largest spending deficit in its history. President bush?s inaugural address made references to his plans to reform social security, raised the possibility of more foreign interventions, and used religious language to justify u.s...
Keywords: NSA; bush; death penalty; detainees; elections; france; highschool; iraq; kurds; mexico; military; oil; protest; rebellion; saddam hussein; suicide; torture; wolfowitz
Downloads: 1,130
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, November 04, 2005
RIOTS SPREAD BEYOND PARIS Urban violence in France spread beyond the Paris region last night, with cars being set ablaze in several parts of the country. Tony Cross reports from Paris. G8 TRIALS Testimony was heard in two trials this week relating to allegations of police misconduct during Genova's G8 protests in 2001. Manuela Aldabe send this report from Genova. IVORY COAST NEGOTIATIONS The President of Nigeria has arrived in Ivory Coast to try to broker a political deal that will be acceptable...
Keywords: al-qaeda; argentina; avian flu; bush; drug companies; france; iraq; israel; japan; korea; military; nigeria; palestine; rights; riots; scotus; wal-mart; washington
Downloads: 1,100
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, January 28, 2005
SENATE HEARING ON SO-CALLED SOCIAL SECURITY CRISES Today on Capitol Hill, senior employees at the Social Security Administration told Senators that the organization is being manipulated to deliver a political message that current and future benefits are at risk and the only solution to this so-called crisis is privatization. Jenny Johnson reports. WHITE HOUSE WON?T APPEAL FCC RULING The Bush administration will not ask the Supreme Court to allow controversial rules to take effect that would have...
Keywords: FEMA; NATO; UN; bush; democratic party; detainees; elections; hamas; iraq; islam; israel; kurds; military; palestine; scotus; torture; washington
Downloads: 1,080
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Investors call for Grasso's resignation -- Kellia Ramares Rally on Capitol Hill re: Medicaid cuts for cancer care -- Jay Tamboli US veto at the UN Canadian same sex marriage safe -- for now -- Kristin Schwartz Walmart illegally muzzled employees -- John Hamilton WTO to Regulate Media? Yesterday's Senate vote has many media democracy advocates across the US cheering as their elected officials chose to overturn the FCC's recent easing of media ownership requirements.However, an un-elected body cou...
Keywords: birthday; courage; elections; iran; iraq; korea; medicaid; military; nuclear weapons; saddam hussein; wal-mart; washington
Downloads: 1,072
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, March 25, 2005
Students End Hunger Strike Georgetown University students ended their 9-day hunger strike after university officials agreed to an immediate wage and benefit increase for school employees.Ingrid Drake reports from the D.C. Radio Coop. Canada Denies Refugee Status to US Soldier A U.S. conscientious objector has lost the first round in his bid to receive asylum in Canada.Kristen Schwartz has more from CKLN...
Keywords: UN; argentina; california; mexico; military; protest; rights; torture
Downloads: 1,065
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, August 23, 2005
The evacuation of all 21 settlements in Gaza and 4 in the West Bank is complete. Israel?s Army Chief, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, said bulldozing Of the settlements will take 10 days followed by a military pull out. He said he expects Gaza to be in complete control of the Palestinians by September. Israel?s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Israel will maintain control of the remainder Of the West Bank. Palestinians hope to also recover control of the West Bank...
Keywords: EU; bush; california; highschool; india; iran; iraq; islam; israel; kurds; lebanon; military; palestine; protest; turkey
Downloads: 1,061
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Protests Over Power Shift in Togo There are mixed reports from Togo today about protests and demonstrations marring the transfer of power in the country.Some reports from the capital Lome indicate that the protests against the appointment of the late presidents son shut down the main market and businesses. Other news sources say it was business as usual today with only schools being shut down for safety reasons...
Keywords: biological weapons; bush; california; elections; heart disease; highschool; individuality; iraq; islam; israel; mexico; military; palestine; rights
Downloads: 1,057
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, December 14, 2004
British Military Must Investate Iraqi Civilian Death An Iraqi civilian?s death while being held by British troops in Iraq must be thoroughly and independently investigated according to a landmark ruling. The British judges ruled that the European Convention on Human Rights applies to cases of civilians killed or tortured in detention in Iraq.The Ministry of Defense is still considering whether they will appeal the ruling.However, officials said they were pleased that the 5 other families were de...
Keywords: EU; UN; bush; china; detainees; elections; hijack; iraq; military; missile defense; pentagon; rights; russia; torture; washington
Downloads: 1,051
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, April 10, 2003
Another View from Baghdad (4:04) Even as US military reports indicate control over Baghdad, violence is still widespread throughout the country.According to reports from the red cross inside Iraq, there is rampant looting and lawlessness in Baghdad as the central hospital was ransacked this afternoon.This as Iraqi Shia Muslim leader Abdul Majid al-Khoei and another cleric were found murdered in the central Iraqi town of Najaf...
Keywords: NSA; UN; communism; iraq; islam; korea; military; nuclear power; nuclear weapons; rumsfeld; suicide
Downloads: 1,048
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, September 05, 2003
Conscientious Objector Facing Military Prosecution - Sara Olson UN Petition to Stop Pushing Poor Nations into Bad Trade Deals - Haider Rizvi President Bush Signed into Law the Prison Rape Elimination Act - Renee Feltz U.S. Senate Takes Step Towards Curbing the New Media Ownership Rules - Craig Murphy A Pay Raise for Congress(3:43) After a closed Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz confirmed recent reports that the further occupation of Iraq is going to ...
Keywords: bush; courage; india; iraq; military; pakistan; rebellion; rumsfeld; unions; wolfowitz
Downloads: 1,047
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, February 13, 2003
NATO Talks Stall Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld today said the US would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons in a war on Iraq. This as NATO called off talks which have been stalled over the issue of protecting Turkey in the case of war on Iraq. Deepa Fernandes speaks with William Hartung, Senior research fellow at the World Policy Institute. Anniversary of US Bombing of Civilians On this day February 13th, twelve years ago, 2 US bombs directly hit a Baghdad nuclear shelter during the Gu...
Keywords: NATO; democratic party; elections; iraq; military; nuclear weapons; pentagon; rumsfeld; turkey; washington
Downloads: 1,039
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, February 16, 2006
PREVAL DECLARED WINNER IN HAITI Early this morning, Rene Preval was declared the winner of last week's presidential election in Haiti. He rose above the 50%-plus-one margin necessary to avoid a runoff after tens of thousands of blank ballots were removed from the official tally. Preval will be the first elected president to take office since the 2004 ouster of Jean Bertrand Aristide. NEW OFFICE TO INVESTIGATE CRIMES AGAINST JOURNALISTS IN MEXICO In Mexico, a federal office charged with investiga...
Keywords: EU; NATO; NSA; UN; elections; federal government; france; hurricane; iran; katrina; louisiana; mexico; new orleans; nigeria; oil; rights; torture; unions; washington
Downloads: 1,037
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, December 15, 2005
ANTI-TORTURE AMENDMENT The White House agreed today to accept Senator John McCain's amendment to ban torture of detainees held by U.S. forces. Darby Hickey reports from Washington DC. The Bush administration has been resisting the Senate-approved anti-torture amendment, proposed by Senator John McCain. Calling for an exemption from the rule for CIA interrogators, the President was dealt a blow yesterday when the House overwhelmingly passed a non-binding measure in support of the McCain amendment...
Keywords: EU; NATO; argentina; bush; california; detainees; elections; environment; hurricane; india; iraq; israel; katrina; korea; lebanon; levees; military; new orleans; palestine; rights; south africa; torture; washington
Downloads: 1,035
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, March 15, 2005
UN Investigation into Hariri Assassination Ends A UN fact finding team has finished its investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime minister Rafik Hariri. The team will report its findings to UN Secretary Kofi Annan today, and is expected to charge a ?devastating cover up at the highest levels of Syrian and Lebanese intelligence" - both Syrian and Lebanese officials deny any role in the assassination.Meanwhile Syrian intelligence officials are packing up and leaving the Lebanes...
Keywords: afghanistan; bush; california; elections; environment; immigration; india; iraq; mexico; military; oil; rights; scotus; washington
Downloads: 1,034
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, January 11, 2006
WEST REACTS TO TEHRAN The Bush administration and the government of British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, have both made statements indicating that the United Nations Security Council will take up the matter of Iran's decision to resume nuclear activity. This comes the day after Iran angered Western leaders by breaking the UN seals at a nuclear research facility. Even Russia, usually an ally of Iran in international disputes, has voiced concern about the move...
Keywords: WTO; argentina; bush; china; death penalty; elections; environment; genocide; global warming; heart disease; india; iran; iraq; israel; korea; mexico; military; nuclear weapons; palestine; protest; rights; russia; scotus; suicide; torture; washington
Downloads: 1,031
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, October 11, 2002
Reactions to Congress Decision on Iraq The Bush Administration's resolution for use of force in Iraq passed the Senate late yesterday. Both houses of Congress have now shown they'd support a unilateral American invasion of Iraq if the White House thinks it's necessary.Following the vote in the Senate, White House officials told the New York Times of a plan to install an American military government in Iraq if Saddam Hussein is toppled...
Keywords: afghanistan; bush; california; elections; iraq; islam; military; oil; pakistan; saddam hussein
Downloads: 1,029
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, September 29, 2005
The Supreme Court has a new chief justice. Today the U.S. Senate voted to confirm John Roberts, with only about half the body?s democrats dissenting. Senate democrats have drawn fire for not putting up more of a fight after Roberts largely evaded probing questions during his confirmation hearings. But Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Arlin Specter, a republican, applauded what he called bipartisanship, and a thorough review of Roberts? qualifications: [Specter Audio] Roberts will take his seat i...
Keywords: EU; NSA; bush; campaign finance; democratic party; elections; hurricane; india; iraq; israel; katrina; louisiana; military; new orleans; palestine; rights; rumsfeld; scotus; suicide; tobacco; tom delay; torture
Downloads: 1,028
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, July 11, 2003
As Ahmed Al-arawi reports from Baghdad, charges by the U.S. military that the armed resistance is coming from Saddam Hussein loyalists are false. Fewer U.S. workers will be eligible to collect overtime cash once new legislation, promoted by the Labor Department goes into effect.Pamela Barnett reports from D.C. The Florida Supreme Court struck down a law requiring minors seeking abortions to notify their parents first, saying it violated the teens' right to privacy.Mitch Perry reports from Tampa...
Keywords: UN; arms trade; bush; elections; iraq; military; palestine; privacy; rights; saddam hussein; scotus; state of the union
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Brits Sue Blair Over Soldiers? Deaths The widow of a British soldier killed yesterday in Iraq has just publicly blamed Tony Blair for her husband's death. And today, relatives of other soldiers killed in Iraq announced they will sue the Prime Minister over the legality of the war. From London, Naomi Fowler has more. Iraqi Government Sworn-In Iraqis were sworn in today as the first elected government.Leading the new Shi-ite majority, new Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said he wants to help all...
Keywords: UN; afghanistan; elections; iran; iraq; military; nuclear weapons; palestine; pentagon; rebellion; washington
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[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, February 17, 2003
Millions Protest Pending War French President Jacques Chirac said today that at this point, France would oppose any effort to draft a new U.N. resolution to explicitly authorize war against Iraq. This comes on the heels of massive anti-war protests worldwide this past weekend. In over six hundred cities across the world, protesters came out to tell their governments that a war with Iraq was not justified...
Keywords: elections; france; iraq; japan; military; oil; protest
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